Setting up TurnKeyVPN access under Windows Vista is simple. The following instructions go step-by-step through the creation process.

Important! This only works for Windows operating systems.

Open Network Connections

First, go to the Start Menu and select Connect To.

Setup a Connection

Then click Set up a connection or network

The Set up a connection or a network window will now be displayed. Click on Connect to a workplace. Then click Next in the lower right hand section of the window.

How Do You Want To Connect?

Next, you will be asked how you want to connect. Click Use my Internet connection (VPN)

That will bring up the following screen in which you can type in the IP address of the VPN and what you want to name the connection.

Set Up The Internet Address

In the Internet address field type

  1. For US server: (Premium accounts) or (Free accounts).
  2. For UK server: (Premium accounts) or (Free accounts) .


Important! If you are located in a country where our site is blocked (like China) make sure your read the following post: Special VPN Settings For Chinese Users.

In the Destination name: field, type in what you want to call the network. A good name for this is TurnKeyVPN. Then click Next.

Fill In Your Username and Password

Next, type in your TurnKeyVPN username and password. Check the Remember this password box.

Click Connect. If you see the message You are conencted it means that you have suucesfully setup the TurnKeyVPN conection.

Connect To TurnKey

VPN When you want to connect to, just double–click on the connection and click the ‘Connect’ button. Enter your username and password (if you didn’t save it), and you’ll connect!

Disconnect From TurnKeyVPN

To disconnect from a VPN connection, right-click the icon for the connection, and then click “Disconnect”.

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